Barry has taken the plunge and gone and joined Patreon!

Patreon is a website where fans can connect directly with their favourite artists or creators. You can gain exclusive, or early, access to work and usually talk to them directly about what they are up to. You can also get access to all sorts of stuff like prizes, chats and competitions!


It’s a great way to support your favourite creators and directly give them a couple of quid to support their work.

Barry’s Patreon page can be found by clicking here! 

If you sign up you can expect:

  • 2-3 updates a week
  • Never seen photos and videos from the Parapod project
  • Podcasts
  • Competitions
  • Untold tales from a secret project that very few people know about…
  • Cat photos
  • Pool tournament
  • Other shite

Barry hosts a regular ‘Is It Bollocks’ podcast on his Patreon where he talks to fellow comedians about their paranormal experiences. There is also the ‘Under the Spotlight’ podcasts where he’s interviewed by his supporters. He also posted a video of him singing Bobby Shafto which alone makes it worth signing up!

Because Barry is such a nice man no matter how much you decide to give you’ll get access to all content, however higher tiers can get a bit more of an incentive to give a bit more cash.  Click here for the full details but at the minute the tiers are:

    • $3 a month – Access to everything
    • $7 a month – Access to everything
    • $10 a month – Access to everything. Hand drawn cock and balls as seen on Mars if you want one
    • $20 a month – Access to everything and Barry will ring you up and tell you a ghost story!
    • $50 a month – Access to everything and a bit (maybe a small bit) of the Parapod movie
    • $5000 a month – Rosebud. More than worth it.

If you want some regular Barry then this is the best way to get it! And if you end up signing up from this site tell him his friends at say hi 🙂