Listen To Barry

The best place to listen to Barry’s general musings, opinions and talk about the paranormal is on Patreon.

A lot of people, including me, first heard Barry on The ParaPod – an amazing 3 series podcast, hosted along with Ian Boldsworth, focusing on the paranormal, mysteries and conspiracies.  BBD has also popped up a few times on Fubar Radio as a phone in guest of Ian’s (and on the old shows when twas the Ray Peacock show).

Below are some links to some of the stuff Barry is on that can be downloaded/streamed.

Movie Grouch and Fanboy Podcast

From the site:

“A chat with the Prince of the Paranormal, Barry Dodds. We chat social media etiquette, stand up comedy, movie making, a certain Black Monk and BJJ. Whereas we try not to discuss big plot things too much, there are a couple of spoilers so exercise caution, as you see fit.”

Listen Here


Ian and Barry talking to Richard Herring about the ParaPod Movie:

The Parapod

3 Series of amazing entertainment. Available here on Soundcloud and ITunes. More info here or on the official Parapod website.

The Audio Time Capsule Podcast

Barry appears on episode 25 of The Audio Time Capsule Podcast, a podcast where guests ask themselves 20 questions that they come back a year later to answer. Barry talks about why he’s struggled to give up smoking, The Butterfly Effect and taking care of his horse.

Fubar Radio

Barry pops up on various episodes of Ian’s radio show and I’ll update the list as I find them, let me know of any links that aren’t here:

Ian Boldsworth

Episode 6 – Barry talks about how his pubes once saved his life and his upcoming Edinburgh show.

Episode 10 – Barry talks about playing Star Wars Battlefront, his Edinburgh show and tells the story of Star Wars.

Episode 13 – Barry talks about a friend who claims to have climbed Everest and gives his opinion of a live rendition of A Little Respect.

Episode 28 – Barry talks about having a wank in front of his cat and has a chat to a human pup.

Ray Peacock

Episode 21 – Barry doesn’t actually appear in this one but he should have! The famous episode where he didn’t pick the phone up which opened the floodgates..Ian gets very angry.

Episode 22 – Barry calls in to explain himself.. Ian is still angry.

Episode 23 – Barry continues his punishment interviews – he talks about his set at Download and a visit to 30 East Drive.

Episode 24 – Ian, Nat and Barry talk about one of the best horror films ever and dealing with spiders.

Episode 25 – Barry visits the Fubar studio to talk about horror films and the famous haunted house in Pontefract.

Episode 26 – Barry finds Nat intimidating and enters a bidding war for a Fubar sign.

Episode 28 – Barry gives the Pet Shop Boys some much needed exposure.

Episode 29 – Barry talks about horror movies and a famous time he introduced Junior Simpson at the circus.

Episode 30 – Along with a bewildering array of celebrity impressions from Nat (including one of Barry) BBD talks about lying to Robert Englund.

Episode 31 – Barry is in the studio talking about a Serbian horror film.

Episode 32 – Barry talks about the Parapod Episode 3, explains what wolfbagging is and talks about his gig from last night.

Episode 33 – Barry is on the phone explaining what film he watches when he’s poorly.

Episode 37 – Barry is back! And what better time to talk about the top racist accents you can’t do.

Episode 40 – Barry talks about how much he would pay for a woman’s poo and about the time he had a cocaine and piss party.

Episode 45 – Barry poses questions for a man who lived as a goat.

Episode 46 – Barry is concerned he might have lost his mind and his genius solution for never getting locked out of his phone.


Thanks to Mathew for the additional info on the shows I’d missed!